Special Guest – Michael Jay Freer
Sponsored By: Gravity IT Resources



Wednesday June 10, 2015 (6-8 PM)
Carl Desantis Building Room #4030
3301 College Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314

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Feature Session:  Information Obfuscation: Protecting Corporate Data

With Corporate Data breaches occurring at an every alarming rate, management at all levels are struggling with the length, width, and breathe of protecting their corporate data-assets.  There is no shortage of options (firewalls, virus controls, access & authentication controls, separation of duties, multifactor authentication, data masking, remediation of “MS-Access databases,” data encryption [in-flight and data-at-rest], secured emails, secured folders, disabling jump drives, limiting web access, etc., etc., etc.).

 As Information Management professionals, we are often asked: “what do we need and which is the best option?” which leads to the inevitable answers “it depends” and, my favorite, “yes.”  What most see as a wide variety of options should be a set of standard business-as-usual (BAU) tools and practices.

 In this session, Michael Jay Freer will explore defining a common data-masking language; defining standard masking business-rules; defining best practices for manipulating the data; and how to get started without attempting to “Boil-the-ocean.”

Feature Speaker: Michael Jay Freer

cid:part1.08050105.08020407@gmail.comMichael Jay Freer, SSGB, ITIL(v3) is a consultant specializing in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions who has provided thought leadership and consulting services to Fortune 500 companies including MetLife, Tyco Safety Products, Capital One, Brinks Home Security, Rite Aid, and Zales.  Over his twenty years of experience, he has worked with business sponsors to provide solutions in financial, manufacturing, supply chain management, retail, marketing, and hospitality/cruise/tourism industries. Michael Jay is a member of the PMI, IIBA, ASQ, and has served on the board of the South Florida Chapter of The Data Warehouse Institute since 2006.