Data Warehouse 101: Change Data Capture

Michael Jay Freer



When: THURSDAY February 11, 2016 | 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM <----SPECIAL DAY CHANGE!!!

Where: 3301 College Ave ROOM 4030, Carl Desantis Building, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Featured Session: Data Warehouse 101: Change Data Capture

Data warehousing, everyone is doing it but what is it again? What is Staging area? What data normalization should we use? Is an ODS (operational data store ) the same as a Data Warehouse? What about a Data Mart, is that the same as a Data Cube? Should the Data Mart have all of the history? Do we aggregate in the Data Warehouse or the Data Mart? Do we ever delete data? Or should we just move the old data to an off-site archived in case someone ever asks for it? Dats Warehousing is just an old name for Big Data; right? These questions are all easily answered (yes and no, maybe, sometimes but not always, it depends on compliancy and regulations, absolutely-not) We will investigate all of these questions and more in this Data Warehouse 101 session



Michael Jay Freer

Michael Jay Freer, SSGB, ITIL(v3) is a consultant specializing in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions who has provided thought leadership and consulting services to Fortune 500 companies including MetLife, Tyco Safety Products, Capital One, Brinks Home Security, Rite Aid, and Zales. Over his twenty years of experience, he has worked with business sponsors to provide solutions in financial, manufacturing, supply chain management, retail, marketing, and hospitality/cruise/tourism industries. Michael Jay is a member of the PMI, IIBA, ASQ, and has served on the board of the South Florida Chapter of The Data Warehouse Institute since 2006.